Margahayuland, What did you first hear about Margahayuland Think if, of course luxury residential, high rise buildings, office buildings and other luxury. Exactly, PT. Margahayuland Group is a leading company engaged in the field of construction services, a leading developer in Bandung which has been experienced for 42 years in the property business in developing homeland. Masterpiece – his work in creating the building – housing a magnificent building and has spread throughout the city outside Bandung. Quality, beauty and high investment value is the hallmark of the buildings that have been produced.

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Margahayuland Group

MargahayulandThe company started its business in the field of construction services and general trading, before finally deciding to focus on housing development in 1979. From the beginning his presence, continues to grow and innovate Margahayuland follow the progress of technology in order to give satisfaction and meet the tastes of the consumer demand. His vision become a leading national property company and a trusted realized through kosistensinya to continue to focus on profitable business development through concept, design, and innovative technology with emphasis on added value and satisfaction for the stakeholders. Incorporated on February 11, 1971 ago, Margahayuland present as leading housing developer in western Java who are experienced in the field of property.

In 2007, Margahayuland spread its wings by starting to develop high-rise buildings such as housing, offices, apartments, and hotels across Jakarta, Bandung, and Bali. They put bangunanya at strategic locations so as to have a high investment value. Various magnificent product quality housing have been built and developed through a professional management. More than 40,000 residential units and commercial units have been built around Bandung, Karawang, Bekasi, Bogor, and Cirebon.

Margahayuland Mision

  1. Develop a profitable Business Portfolio through Strategic Business Units (SBUs) by applying the concept, design, and innovative technology.
  2. Managing business in a professional manner, which is based on the strength of Organization, Systems, and Human Resources.
  3. Improve the welfare of stakeholders that leads to increased motivation, commitment, and superior customer service.

Margahayuland mission is realized in the form of seriousness and consistency in giving satisfaction to the customer through quality products to the establishment of trust and comfort in it. “We Grow – We Build – We Care,” as its motto that if it will be interpreted in harmony with the mission that has been accomplishment.

Margahayuland success in developing property in a professional business reaps many important awards from home and abroad. There are at least 6 awards that have been received by Margahayuland.

  1. Simple Housing Development Achievement of the First State  (Bank Tabungan Negara).
  2. European Gold Star for Quality (CIEMIP, Spanyol)
  3. The Gold Cup for “Leading Enterprises”, (CIEMIP, Spanyol)
  4. Exemplary Housing Development Company in Bandung  (PT. Papan Sejahtera)
  5. Simple Healthy House Construction pioneer  (Departemen Pemukiman dan Prasarana Wilayah RI)
  6. Karya Madya Simple Housing Development (Departemen Pemukiman dan Prasarana Wilayah RI)

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